Origins of the Man Bath

ManSalt is the brainchild of Austin Hill, a manly man from Houston, Texas. Austin wears many hats and is many things: an entrepreneur, an athlete, a husband, and—like most guys—a little bit of a caveman. He has always been a fan of relaxing salt baths, indulging often to ease stress and tension, soothe sore muscles, treat a head cold or simply practice good hygiene.

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Like so many great products, ManSalt was born from a need. Austin loved his salt baths, but became increasingly frustrated when he seemed to be unable to find reasonably-priced, quality bath supplements made specifically for men. Although he loves his wife dearly, he didn’t particularly want to smell like her.

So off he went on a hunt for manly bath salts—and came away sorely disappointed. While department stores seemed to offer a plethora of feminine bath salts, delicately scented with lavender or rose, a bath salt selection for men seemed virtually non-existent.

In 2010, Austin made it his mission to make manly bath salts available to men everywhere by launching ManSalt, a unique line of bath products for men. Not only that, he also decided to become a pioneer in removing the stigma attached to bathing, a pervasive and—in Austin’s mind—unfair and silly perception that baths are for women only.

To spread the word that, yes, baths are indeed for men as well, Austin teamed up with a badass fellow entrepreneur and marketing expert in 2014. Together, they now change the world’s perception of men and bathing—one bath at a time. “Real men take baths!” is their battle cry, and it is invading manly homes across the country as we speak. Take a stand for bath equality. Join the movement!