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Attractive, masculine scents that make you feel sexy as hell.

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Recover faster from workouts, or hard days at work.

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Reduce stress so you feel sharper, clearer, and better rested.

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5 unique varieties, one for every type of guy.

What makes yours better than the rest?

Hey, we don't want to brag...

Okay, okay, if we must. Here are three reasons why ManSalt rocks.

1. Our bath salts are handmade right here in the USA. Want to support American-made products? We make American-made products. We're a veteran-owned company.

2. ManSalt was designed for men, by men. In fact, we have the only bath salt company out there devoted 100% to bath products for men. Other companies may make Epsom salt soaks for guys, but it wasn't their first thought. It wasn't even their third thought. Bath products for men was just something that got tacked on there after they were done reveling in all that lavender and vanilla.

3. The most important thing: because real men take baths. And when they do? Real men use ManSalt.

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Where can I buy them?

You can start by visiting Or, go to, if you want to pick up something to read while you're in the tub.

Want to shop locally? A few select local retailers carry ManSalt. Can't find one near you? Click here to become a retailer, and be the next hero to bring ManSalt to your community!


  • Man Salt

    Workouts are better than ever.
    ManSalt gets me back in the game.

    "I just don't have a lot energy to work out while I'm sore. Fortunately, Man Salt gets me back in the gym sooner, keeping me on track with less downtime."

    Stephan A.
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    Date Published: April 28, 2016
  • Man Salt

    It's what I look forward to every day.
    A good long soak is my reward for a job well done.

    "I work in a fast-paced industry. It's great to know I have a reliable way to slow down and unwind at the end of every day."

    Calvin R.
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Why Do Bath Salts Make the Perfect Gift for Men? 

  • August 11, 2016

    Published by Mansalt  How Crazy Should You Go With Your Bath Salts? You're creating a steaming hot bath. How much of your bath salts should you dump inside of your bath to give yourself the awesome experience of feeling all of your aches and pains leech away?

    Got a sunburn? You're not alone. Though most of us know we should slather on the sunscreen, most of us also forget, or ignore the warnings that tell us that the sun is pretty vicious. 

    Good news if you're walking around like a giant lobster, however. Epsom salts are absolutely fantastic for soothing sunburns. It's also great for other summer hazards like poison ivy, poison oak, and insect bites.

    While you might not want a hot soak while you're burned to a crisp, ManSalt dissolves just as well in cold or cool water. If you don't feel like soaking at all, you can fill the sink instead, then soak down some washcloths to make a compress.

    And while we can't guarantee that our salt soak will stop any unattractive peeling, it can relieve some of the pain and discomfort you're feeling right now.

    So go on. Live life to the fullest and enjoy your summer fun. Just keep a big bag of ManSalt close by so you can weather the inevitable consequences.

    • July 20, 2016

      Published by Mansalt  How Crazy Should You Go With Your Bath Salts? You're creating a steaming hot bath. How much of your bath salts should you dump inside of your bath to give yourself the awesome experience of feeling all of your aches and pains leech away?

      It honestly depends! With bath salts, its all about you doing you. The recommended amount is about two cups, but we've known dudes who don't bother with all that reading-the-instructions crap. They upend half the bag into the water and slide in, feeling happy as can be.

      You're not going to hurt yourself by adding more bath salts than you need, though of course you might run out of salt a lot faster. If you know you're a half-the-bag kind of dude just order accordingly. If you're more of a conservative, "just enough, please," kind of man then go with the directions.

      Our bath salt bags come in both 1 pound varieties and 3 pound varieties to accommodate both personalities. So go on. Get crazy. Shake out as much as you want. We're not gonna judge.

    • June 10, 2016

      Published by Mansalt  Shopping for men can be difficult. We admit it. No dude really wants ties or socks, but what can you do? You can't necessarily afford to buy new electronics for your son, hubby, uncle or boyfriend whenever a holiday or a birthday rolls around.

      Bath Salts to the rescue! Now that there are Bath Salts made exclusively for men. You can offer them in inexpensive, but thoughtful gift to the important men in your life. Bath Salts will help your men relax, which is great if he works a high-stress job. It can also help him sleep better and reduce stress with a fragant muscle soak.

      Does your man like to work out? If so, he'll enjoy being able to recover faster. He'll be able to spend more time building his body because he won't be so sore. And if he does happen to injure himself while playing sports you can help him ease those injuries and heal al ot faster.

      Finally, everyone enjoys smelling great. Bath Salts designed for men come in a variety of pleasing, masculine scents. Your guy will enjoy smelling great. Stop wracking your brains. Order some Bath Salts today!

    • May 24, 2016

      Published by Mansalt  In the past, bath salts were mostly designed and developed for women, and men didn't pay much attention. It was just one of those strange, girly things ladies do to smell good.

      Then, we discovered their secret. Men everywhere learned how women were using bath salts. This led us to develop our own bath salts--salts that smell masculine and still deliver the results we love.

      And what, might you ask, are those results? 

      1. Reduced muscle pain. Using in bath salts means a lot less wincing after helping your buddy move.
      2. Faster workout recovery times. Develop a ripped body by getting back in the gym faster.
      3. Headache and stress relief. Keep yourself sharper and more energized at work. Optimize your magnesium levels for better heart health.
      4. Sleep better at night.Enjoy well-earned rest and relaxation. You work hard, it's time for a little R&R!

      In short, bath salt is amazing and definitely worth a try. Pick up a manly variety that will make you smell strong and irresistible. Nothing's more embarrassing than showing up to the gym smelling like a flower.

    • April 28, 2016

      Published by Mansalt They'll make you feel amazing.

      Picture this. You come home after a long day of work. The boss chewed you out. Everything is behind schedule. You feel ready to explode. Your neck hurts. Your back hurts. In fact? Everything hurts.

      Now. Imagine running a full tub of hot, steaming water. Imagine bath salts designed just for you falling in a snowy line to the surface of the water, swirling around inside it. You crack open a cold beer. It hisses a little. You ditch your clothes and submerge yourself, feeling the salt leech your pain and tension away.

      Half an hour later, you jump out of the tub, ready to rock. Energized. Alive. Ready to take on tomorrow's challenges and show them who's boss. 

      Yeah, bro. Our bath salts? They're that good.