Tim Ferris

If there is anyone who knows how to "hack your life" and get great results, it's entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. He's managed to make himself a millionaire on the premise of a 4-hour work week, for crying out loud.

So if Tim Ferriss comes out and says something along the lines of, "Hey, I take Epsom salt baths to become more productive, get more out of my workouts, and to get my muscles nice and relaxed," then hey, you'd better do it. In fact, a recent Inc. article says he buys Epsom salt in bulk just to keep up. He hasn't tried ManSalt yet...but given how great our salts smell in comparison to plain old drug store Epsom Salt, we think that might just be his next hack.

Tim Ferriss has even recommended Epsom salt baths as part of an extreme regimen that once helped him lose 30 pounds in 24 hours. Note this technique was designed for athletes, not Average Joes hoping to beat the battle of the bulge. You should also be aware that salt baths are only a tiny portion of this extreme weight loss method—and it is extreme, so use it at your own risk. For most of us, faster workout recovery and better sleep will provide all the weight loss benefits we need anyway.

Tim is not alone.

Plenty of smart, successful entrepreneurs and celebrities are coming out about their bath-time habits...at least, if recent photo shoots can be believed. We've seen all sorts of men lathering up, including Adam Sandler, Tom Hiddleston and Jake Gyllenhall. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps enjoys submersing himself in water to relax as much as he enjoys competing in the water...at least, if his photo shoot for Louis Vuitton luggage is to be believed.

Maybe these guys could pass the tip on to all those scraggly-looking celebrities who look like they so desperately need a bath. Hey, we're not saying bath time is the key to all success and happiness for all people. We're just saying there's a lot of evidence that it helps a lot of successful people. It will at least keep you off snarky lists about scuzzy-looking celebs, which is an important goal in and of itself.

So why do all these smart people love baths?

Because baths actually do make you smarter, at least according to science.

"In this hectic age, where we often choose the quicker option of taking a shower, it can be difficult to find time to have a daily bath. But Neil Morris, Psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton, claims this is exactly why we need a bath more often.

Morris, who recently studied 80 people who took a bath every day for a fortnight, says: 'I found that bathing improved general psychological wellness radically. There was a significant drop in feelings of pessimism about the future and increases in hedonic tone, the internal feeling of pleasurability.'" - The Guardian

It makes sense. When you're feeling stressed and crappy you're actually devoting a lot of mental power to dealing with all your anger and frustration. Allowing yourself to take a soothing ManSalt bath frees up more mental energy, which in turn helps you tackle new challenges and generate new ideas. That means you might just get the boost you need to jump-start your new company, or the ideas you need to finally write that book.

There are benefits for physical health as well, of course, and not just for body builders. You might not care about your workout recovery time, but it's nice to know that you can get rid of back pain and sooth your arthritis by taking a good long soak. Salt baths are even supposed to help you ward off the flu. Healthier people are more effective overall, and if you're taking fewer days off work you might finally score that promotion or bonus you've been working toward.

Let's face it...salt baths are a very easy life hack.

Some life hacks are strange and just downright unrealistic. You're probably going to disrupt your life more than you're going to help it by adopting "polyphasic sleep", for example. And in order to try "butter coffee" you first have to get over the basic revulsion that putting those two words together in the same sentence causes most people. And you definitely want to avoid some of theselife hacks, which are funny, but are mostly guaranteed to make you look like a giant loser. Bungee cord suspenders? Really, dude?

But baths? Baths are easy. As life hacks go, salt baths are a good one. They're not expensive. You don't need to do anything overly complex to start working them into your routine. They don't take too long, and ideally, the time you do take with them is time you're going to enjoy. As a method for doing more, achieving more, sharpening your mind and loving your life, you can do a lot worse.

ManSalt baths may not help you develop a 4-hour work week of your own, and you're probably not going to lose 30 pounds in 24 hours like Tim Ferriss. However, ManSalt will leave your thoughts clearer. Your body will feel energized. And that might just be enough to help you excel at your own thing—and that's exactly what you need to craft your own definition of success, just like Ferriss, Hiddleston, and Phelps. And with ManSalt, you'll also smell pretty damn great, too.












(Image courtesy of http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/beautiful-minds/tim-ferriss-on-accelerated-learning-peak-performance-and-living-the-good-life/) .