If you're a "Boss" type, then you're probably busy as hell most of the time. You know working out is important though, so you want to enjoy the best workout you can, and you want to do so in the least amount of time you can spend. You want to know whatever you're going to do is going to deliver stellar results. Your time is an investment, and you want to see a return.

So today, we're going to give you the "bottom line" on CrossFit. Consider this an in-depth workout prospectus, designed to help you determine whether or not this sport is going to deliver the goods.

What is CrossFit?

Up until now, CrossFit might simply have been a word you heard in passing--something you filed away to explore when you had a little bit more time. So we're going to take a moment to give you the basic introduction.

CrossFit was developed by another "Boss" type: CEO Greg Glassman. According to crossfit.com, Glassman first began by developing a meaningful and measurable definition of fitness itself, which is:

"Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains."

Basically, if many different parts of your body are not somehow improving their strength, speed, or stamina then exercise, in Glassman's opinion, is really just an empty calorie burning activity.

Glassman then took this definition and used it to develop a high-intensity workout that centers around performing various functional movements. From the CrossFit website, again:

"These are the core movements of life. They move the largest loads the longest distances, so they are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time--or power. The more work you do in less time, the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity lead to dramatic gains in fitness."

Sounds like the perfect workout for a busy Boss. Moreover, CrossFit is data-driven. It's literally driven by whiteboards, scoreboards, and KPIs. The idea is all of this information will help you get repeatable results while tracking your progress...just like the metrics you're tracking in your workplace every day.

Which muscle groups does CrossFit work?

Ideally, CrossFit works all of your muscle groups. However, a great deal depends on the coach and on the gym, as explained in this extremely in-depth article from Nerd Fitness. (The article is 6000 words, by the way; extremely in-depth and very much worth the read.)

There's definitely an element of "caveat emptor" to CrossFit that would be familiar to any Boss. If you get an inexperienced coach or join a predatory gym then you might just end up hurting yourself instead of developing that 6-pack you've been dreaming of. 

CrossFit does keep your mind engaged, however...

Some guys end up dropping workout programs because they get bored. This isn't a problem with CrossFit. It is designed to provide you with a different experience every single day. You might come around to a workout again, or you might never see it again. The trainers change things up, so you never really know what you'll be doing until you show up for your workout. This means it's perfect for people who can't stand doing the same thing over and over again.

Will CrossFit cost a ton?

We wouldn't expect you to evaluate the time investment without evaluating the money investment as well. 

The average cost is about $125 per month...more than you'd pay to "go-it-alone" at your average gym, but less than you'd pay to hire a personal trainer. The price seems about right, since you do receive coaching, teaching, and support at every session. You can usually take a free introductory class, which gives you the opportunity to see if CrossFit is right for you before you open up your wallet.

CrossFit and ManSalt...a match made in heaven.

Let's say you try CrossFit and get hooked. If that's so, then we suggest you stock up on ManSalt

See, CrossFit is literally designed to knock you on your ass. A lot of CrossFit enthusiasts feel like they haven't gotten their money's worth if they aren't quivering with exhaustion at the end of the workout. It can be addicting (you certainly know you're giving it your all), but you will be sore. You don't want that soreness to distract you from your workday, and you don't want it to keep you from giving it your all at the next CrossFit workout.

ManSalt is a great solution. It will give you an edge by helping you feel better and recover faster. That long, hot soak can be part of your reward for pushing yourself to your limits and beyond. You'll be able to tackle your next workout with a little more grace and finesse, because your muscles won't be screaming at you to the degree that they're screaming at that other guy: the one who didn't indulge in a long, hot soak when he was done lifting.

With this extra edge, you might just be able to become one of those CrossFit devotees who not only experiences amazing results, but who does so very quickly. So stock up on your favorite ManSalt variety (if it's not really "The Boss" we'll never tell) and get out there to your nearest "box". It could become the key to a brand new you!