mansalt fibromialga

The idea that fibromyalgia doesn't strike men is a myth. The symptoms may present themselves a bit differently due to hormonal differences, but the bottom line is basically the same. You're in pain. It's harder to get anything done. And you might not feel at all comfortable griping about it. It’s bad enough having to tolerate your wife’s snickers every time you get the “man flu.”

In fact, one reason why fibromyalgia is so widely believed to be less prevalent in men is fewer men are willing to report the symptoms, even to their doctors. When us guys do report our symptoms we tend to downplay them. Our excruciating "leave me the eff alone" pain becomes, "yeah, it's a little tender," when we actually try to talk about the experience. Often, doctors don't even think about testing men for FM because it's seen as a "woman's disease."

That means there are fewer fibromyalgia resources and there's a lot less support out there for guys. For example, any woman in any American city can usually find a support group; men will find it a lot harder unless they want to be the only bearded face in the room. Thanks to a bunch of ridiculous stigmas about how men ought to act, think, or feel it's also less socially acceptable for men to discuss an illness that women might discuss freely and matter-of-factly.

One male fibro sufferer puts it this way:

"I think it's important for people to know how hard it is for men with FM. Growing up you are taught to be tough, have a job, support a wife and two kids which is very hard to achieve. It is much more difficult for a man to maintain a relationship or explain his condition to friends."

This lack of support and awareness can make it harder to manage pain. It may even be hard to find much info (aimed at men and men's needs) on how to manage your pain. ManSalt wants to help with that.

Epsom Salt: A Proven Way to Manage FM Pain

A big part of dealing with fibromyalgia is, of course, managing the pain. If you feel like you're largely facing this experience on your own it's good to at least have an arsenal of techniques you can use to make yourself feel better. Epsom salt can be one of those tools.

One Israeli study found patients with fibromyalgia experience a great deal of pain relief after taking a hot 15 to 30 minute therapy bath with two cups of Epsom salt.

A Swedish scientist created an entire therapy program, called Flotation Rest Therapy, from this research. This therapy either requires you to have a really big tub in your home or access to a facility with float tanks. Either way, Epsom salts play a big role:

"Flotation REST is a form of Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) that uses a shallow pool of heavy water about the size of a large bed. The water is made heavy by super-saturating it with Epsom Salt to the point that a person floats on his or her back effortlessly on the surface of the water, like a cork."

Fortunately, you don't have to float like a cork to reap the benefits of Epsom Salt. You don't even have to take a 30-minute bath. A study out of Minnesota took a look at what would happen if patients made spray bottles out of Epsom Salt and water. Each patient sprayed their limbs twice a day. Patients reported feeling better and noticing fewer symptoms.

Bottom line? Epsom salt, the primary ingredient in ManSalt, makes a huge impact, even if you only have a few minutes to apply it via a spray bottle.

Nobody's really sure why Epsom Salt works so well, simply because FM is so misunderstood. But do you really care what the magnesium is doing down there on a cellular level to get you back on your feet, or do you care that it works? Pain reduction is pain reduction, and if Epsom salt gives you the power to do more, why not use it?

Man Salt Salutes You

Okay, so the corny headline sounds a little bit like the old beer commercials ("we salute you, Hot Dog Man!") but—the fact is, we are actually very impressed by the way guys like you get up and go in spite of dealing with this disease. Many guys have to make life changes they wouldn't have chosen in order to accommodate it, and that takes a lot of internal fortitude, too.

That's why we suggest The Hero. The Hero's clean, invigorating scent will energize you even as this manly bath salt relaxes your muscles and eases your pain away. It's the ManSalt that best expresses who you are: a warrior, fighting a nasty, invisible enemy that tries to kick your ass more often than not. An enemy that most people neither see nor acknowledge, but that you must grapple with anyway.

You may not feel like it all the time, but tough s.o.b.s like you deserve to enjoy the warrior's flint-eyed nod of acknowledgement. The feeling of striding out of a building while it blows up behind you. And while we might not be able to make that happen, we can help you ease your pain with devastatingly effective bath salts designed just for men.

And if you think you may have FM? Keep talking to your doctor. Find a second opinion. Keep talking until someone believes you. Don't give up, and don't try to face FM by yourself. There's no reason why you should have to, and while ManSalt is pretty great, Man Salt alone is no substitute for the kind of help, medication, and advice a doctor can give you.