What do MMA fighters like Anthony Peltis, Renan Barau, Leandro Souza and George Sullivan all have in common? They all routinely engage in some really dangerous weight loss practices—practices that every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the Internet seems intent on trying.

Of course, most of the people trying these weight loss methods aren't even remotely equipped to play the game. Most of the people who are out there Googling this strategy these days are desk jockeys. MMA fighters are in top notch shape, and even they experience massive health problems when they try to drop 20 pounds in 24 hours. The attempt can literally kill you, so when we say, "Really, do not try this at home," we definitely mean it. Especially if the only exercise you ever get is the long walk from your parking lot to your desk.

Besides, there's something really lame and desperate about guys trying to lose 20 pounds overnight so they can fit into their skinny jeans just before their Tinder hookups. C'mon. What's up with that?

So why are we talking about this at all? Because Epsom Salt baths are a big part of the MMA strategy. In fact, a lot of our customers have been calling us to ask whether they can use ManSalt to "lose weight like those MMA guys do". That's what got us interested in this entire thing to begin with.

The official term for this kind of extreme weight loss is "cutting". MMA fighters use it to give themselves a competitive edge by giving themselves an "in" to a lower weight class. It seems to be an accepted practice, something coaches dreamed up to ensure a win at any cost.

The Method

So how do these MMA fighters achieve these crazy results?
They trick their body into shedding water weight as quickly as humanly possible. They're not burning any fat here, mind you. Unlike your average desk jockey, many MMA fighters don't have much fat to begin with.

They actually work to force themselves into a state of dehydration. If you remember the nightmarish days of middle school Health classes then you remember that dehydration is bad.

To do this, they start by guzzling a metric shit ton of water. Then? They deprive themselves of any water at all while they attempt to sweat, piss, and soak away every last droplet in their bodies.Want a nightly beer while trying to cut? Screw you, dude, you can't have one. No beer, no soda, no salt. But do feel free to go fling yourself into a hardcore four hour exercise routine.

Once they're done with their exercise they'll suit up in a special sweat suit and hit the sauna. This isn't some kind of relaxing sauna experience where pleasant warmth rises slowly into their bones while their muscles relax. No, this is more like an attempt to recreate the Sahara desert. These guys literally torture themselves with heat while trying to force out more sweat.

Once they're done with that, it's on to the Epsom Salt bath. Now, if they hadn't been doing all this other crap the bath might just relax them. But it does have a mild dehydrating effect, so they can pull another one or two pounds off their body.

When it's all said and done they might pop a diuretic, because nothing says "bad ass" like having to run to the bathroom every twenty minutes like a little girl who sipped too much apple juice.

It almost feels like these fighters lost sight of something here. Who would want a "win" if you had to win like this? Pretending to weigh a bit less so you can punch people who are scrawnier than you are? You'd think a true competitor would just get good at fighting people in their own weight class.

The Madness

All short-cuts come with a price, and the price of this cutting nonsense is pretty steep. It's guaranteed to suck away any sexiness you might have had. It will chip away at your strength until your fighting prowess is ultimately toast. Your bones will turn brittle and you'll get a glass jaw. And oh, by the way, it can freaking kill you.

The common symptoms sound like the long list of side effects from your average pharmaceutical commercial, except, you know, the pharma companies are just covering their butts while these symptoms are all but guaranteed. Passing out. Screwing up your kidneys. Reducing your muscle vision. Getting disoriented. Brain damage. Not exactly a recipe for sex appeal.

Guys who go through all of that after cutting are the lucky ones, however. The unlucky ones get a stroke and die like Leandro Souza did.

This is not what salt baths are for!

Salt baths help you recover faster after sensible workouts. They're also great for rewarding yourself after a crappy day. When you use ManSalt, it's great for smelling nice so you can impress your significant other, too.

In fact, ManSalt has a lot of freaking awesome uses.

But ManSalt is definitely not a product that should be used to try to win your battle against the bulge. 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week is normal and healthy. It's also usually a simple matter of calories in, calories out (sorry, dude). If you want to use ManSalt to help you get and enjoy more exercise, order away. If you want to use it to try to dehydrate yourself just in time for date night, yikes, dude. We'd rather you just skip it.

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