ManSalt: It's Not Just For Baths

You already know ManSalt can help you soak away that sports injury or the aches and pains of a hard day's work. But did you know you can do a lot of other stuff with ManSalt, too? It's true. Dead sea salts have plenty of uses outside your bathtub, and it doesn't matter that you're choosing salts designed to get you better results on date night by driving your significant other wild with your new, primal man-smell. Here are just a few ways you can turn ManSalt into your home's next can't-miss multi-tool.


1. Remove a splinter.
Man Salts can be a lifesaver for guys who work with their hands. Dove into some woodworking without putting on gloves first? No problem. Avoid a frustrating round of squeezing and tweezing by soaking your hands in a concentrated version of ManSalt first. The salt just may draw out the splinter without you having to do do anything else to it.


2. Scrub tile and grout.
Did you get dirt, grime, or grease all over your home's tile floors, or all over your bathroom? A lot of standard bathroom cleaners aren't up to the challenge of removing that nasty stuff. Fortunately, a ManSalt paste and a scrub brush are up to the challenge. As a bonus, your house or apartment will smell like your chosen ManSalt, which will give your entire living space a sort of "Eau de Man Cave" scent that will make you feel right at home.


3. Murder slugs.
These little bastards are gross, and they're the bane of guys who garden. Spread your ManSalt across their nasty slug trails to dehydrate them and finish them off. By the way, make sure you reach for the ManSalt, and not for the table salts. That's because ManSalt won't kill your plants, but plain table salt will. (Remember, warriors of old would salt the ground of their enemies to keep them from ever growing crops again). The problem ingredient in table salt is sodium chloride, which makes up about 97% of your common table salts. By contrast, ManSalt contains only about 10% sodium, making it a safer bet.


4. Make a headache paste.
All day long, the traffic is terrible. The boss is all "blah, blah, blah." It's enough to give any dude a headache." Of course, a ManSalt bath is great for headaches too, but let's face it—you don't always have time for an hour of soaking. Fortunately, you have options. You can mix your ManSalt with warm water to form a paste, then apply that stuff to your head and neck. In about 20 minutes, you'll start feeling more like yourself and you can get on with your day.


5. Get rid of athlete's foot.
The Podiatry Network tells us that soaking your feet in ManSalt can help you kill off stubborn foot fungus. Just soak your feet in warm water three or four times a week. Do make sure that you dry your feet off thoroughly before you put your shoes back on or you'll undo all of your hard work. Clean white socks help as well. Note: ManSalt isn't necessarily a cure-all...It comes pretty darn close, but many guys will need to reach for a topical medicine, or will even have to go to their doctors for an oral prescription. Fungus is demonstrably tough, stubborn stuff. But nevertheless, ManSalt will bring some relief.


6. Destroy foot smell—fast.
On a related note, ManSalt is really handy for getting rid of stinky foot smell. You don't have to soak your feet for too terribly long to be ready for date night, either. Give them about 10 minutes with ManSalt and warm water. Remember. It's really hard to—umm, get romantic—when your feet smell like a 40-year-old locker room, and nobody really likes it when you wear your socks to bed. So don't be a douche. Take 5 minutes, and make the effort.


7. Wipe that smug smile off your neighbor's face.
What's that, you say? You and your jerk of a neighbor have been competing forever over who has the nicest looking lawn, and he's been winning the battle ever since you moved in? Now is the hour of your victory. Epsom salts are a natural fertilizer. Just apply ManSalt to your lawn once a week to get that grass growing greener than ever. This trick works on roses, tomatoes, and other landscaping plants, too. And, of course, as discussed above, the slugs will be history. Win-win!


8. Tell raccoons to vamoose.
If you've ever woken up to find some raccoon has gotten into your garbage then you know it's not a real fun morning. They aren't exactly polite about snagging their snacks. They like to rip up garbage bags and throw anything they don't want all over your yard, which means you face having to spend your pre-work hours cleaning up the resulting mess. Or, of course, you could just leave the garbage there until you come home; but you know your neighbor's going to say something snarky about your own personal trash apocalypse the moment he gets the opportunity. Not to mention that the neighborhood association lady will probably get in your face too—you know, the one that was out there measuring your grass with a ruler last week, shooting you disapproving looks. Fortunately, raccoons have terrible taste. They do not like the smell of our ManSalt. Sprinkle it all around your trash cans to prevent this scenario from ever happening again. Just remember, you'll have to give your trash cans a touch up every time it rains. ManSalt is not invincible!


9. MacGyver your car battery.
If your car's battery is starting to struggle and you don't have the cash to replace it right away, then you can use this trick to keep your car going until payday. Here's what you do. You make a ManSalt paste and you add it to each battery cell. Why does this help? It desulfides the battery so you get a better charge. Generally you'll want to use distilled water for this task—tap water will just leave calcium deposits all over your battery, making the situation worse.

Note that this is not a long-term fix. You'll want to get in there to replace the battery soon if you are resorting to smearing ManSalt all over the battery's sparky nips. Some guys will tell you that this trick will damage your battery. We're telling you it doesn't much matter cause the object of the game is to get you to work a few more times until you can go pick up a new one.


10. Stop scratching those mosquito bites.
You were out there enjoying the great outdoors when a mosquito the size of a 747 took a bite out of your hide. Now you can't stop scratching. Scratching can be viscerally satisfying of course, but it's neither professional nor sexy. So use this trick before you try to wow the boss with that presentation (or before you try to date the boss, whichever floats your boat). Throw two tablespoons of ManSalt into a cup of water, soak a clean washcloth down with the resulting solution, and hold it in place until you are no longer feeling the urge to rip off your own flesh. As a bonus, this trick works on poison ivy or poison oak rashes as well.


11. Get rid of hand grease.
Anyone who has been under the hood of his car knows that grease is a PITA. You could scour your own skin off with lye soap, but you don't have to. Instead, you can mix ManSalt with...well...okay, you've gotta use baby oil, which might make you feel a little awkward. But your de-greased palms will smell like ManSalt, not like baby butt, so you're totally in the clear. And you get to keep all your skin, so...bonus.


12. Turn it into a massage spray.
Want to wow someone special while delivering a massage they'll never forget? Grab a spray bottle at the store. Then head to your kitchen. You'll want to measure an equal amount of ManSalt and an equal amount of distilled water into one big pot. Then stir it and dissolve it. Pour it into your spray bottle. Mist it over your partner's back the next time you're giving a massage. It will deliver all the benefits of an Epsom Salt bath. We're talking relief for achy muscles, bruises, headaches and sprains just to name a few. It's also a handy thing to keep in your desk drawer at work if you aren't, say, in a position to smear headache paste on your forehead (which we admit is really only a good solution if you're at home and in a hurry). Spritz a little spritz and get on with that presentation. The spray version is great for camping, too, since you're hardly going to get a chance for a good soaking while you're out in the middle of the back country.


13. Raise your testosterone levels...maybe.
The "Danger and Play" blog writes lots of essays about the art of masculinity. The linked post offers an in-depth discussion of how all these ManSalt sprays, pastes, soaks and baths could actually be raising your testosterone levels—especially if you're working out. Yes, he's talking about Epsom Salt, and ManSalt is actually made out of Dead Sea salts and Pacific Sea salts. However, the key is the magnesium. Both ManSalt ingredients are chock-full of magnesium (as well as potassium, calcium, iodide and bromide). You might take this one with a grain of, well, salt...he is citing a book called The Magnesium Miracle, not direct, major studies. And it's a little difficult to tell whether or not his source cited legitimate sources in turn. But, you know. It couldn't hurt. And since Epsom salts are proven to lower stress (for real!), you'll at least feel a heck of a lot better, which means you'll be able to tackle a lot more, including the ladies. It may not be a direct testosterone boost, but it sure might feel like one. Let us know how it worked out!

So...are you making the most of your Man Salts? If not, why not? Could it be because your supply is running low? If that's the case, order a few more bags while you're thinking about it. Unless, of course, you want stinky feet, raccoon apocalypses and more of your neighbor's stupid comments, in which do you, dude. You do you.