ManSalt: Natural Drinks That Help Reduce Muscle Soreness

Yep, winter is upon us and this means that skin dryness can be out of control. The most important thing about taking care of your skin this winter season is changing your habits to account for the lack of moisture in the cold, dry environment. Here are some tips that can help with the dry, itchy, chapped winter skin:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

You hear this all the time when you’re working out, but it’s no secret that it can create a big difference when we’re talking about keeping your skin healthy during the winter.

You’ve got to have a mentality that you always have to drink more than you usually can. We are talking about drinking water here (H2O for those who like to get technical), so don’t get confused. This leads me to my next tip:

Drink less alcohol and get more sleep instead.

This will be a bit difficult considering the circumstances (holiday celebrations), but drinking alcohol can be brutal for your skin. You can argue that you can’t just replace alcohol with sleep, but take it from me – naps are the best, and it does wonders for the skin.

Avoid rubbing alcohol or washing your hands too often.

Moisture is the name of the game here and hand soaps can wreak havoc on your hands if your skin is already dry. As a general rule, you need to avoid irritating stuff such as sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance, camphor, menthol, etc, that most hand soaps contain.

You also have to stay away from using rubbing alcohol to clean out your hands. Aside from drinking alcohol (Vodka, spirits, wine, etc.) which I mentioned earlier, you have to watch out for isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, ethanol, methanol, polyvinyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, ethyl and methyl alcohol

If you feel the need to wash your hands more often in the day time, consider applying a thick lotion at night before slipping your hands into a pair of cotton gloves. Same thing can be applied to your feet, but use socks instead.

Soak in Mansalt/Womansalt

You might be thinking that Mansalt can add insult to injury when it comes to your dry skin predicament because, well… they’re salts. You’ll be surprised that can be as helpful as your favorite lotion in moisturizing your skin. Our products contain hydrated magnesium sulfate, which helps balance skin moisture.

It is also worth noting that you need to ease back on the hot water baths or the half hour long scalding hot showers. I know that it’s hard not spending too long in the hot shower and it can be the only thing that makes winters less terrible, but doing this will basically cause you to lose your skin’s necessary oils. You’ll feel the effects even more if you have hard water in your home. It’s also a good a idea to use a moisturiser after your shower to lock the moisture into your skin.

We are saying goodbye to 2014 and this will be Mansalt’s last blog post for this year. It’s been a great year that featured a new line of products, a new website, magazine features and a lot of new, satisfied customers. Watch out for more stuff in 2015 and keep up to date by checking our blog or adding us on our social media profiles. We are still available on Amazon and you can also get Mansalt and Womansalt from our retailers. Happy New Year!