Please, not another tie! Surprise your Valentine with the gift of relaxation and…you know…

Let's face it—shopping for your guy on Valentine's Day is not easy. Almost every gift on the shelves is meant for us. Flowers. Chocolates. Teddy bears. Jewelry. It's as if the whole day is about showering the female half of a couple with gifts while leaving the men out in the cold. Guys aren't much help, either...try to get them to say what they want. Just try it. It's like pulling teeth. At best, you might get a tongue-in-cheek answer.


But you know what? We women want to show our love, too.


Now, a lot of ladies fall back on tired old standbys. But a man can really only have so many ties, bottles of Old Spice and packages of cologne. There are also all those gifts that are about as romantic as old cheese...who really wants to bring their man a beard trimmer? Thinking about his shaving mess might kill your vibe a bit.


And who wants to give a man those cheesy gag gifts like bright red PJ bottoms or boxer shorts? They're a bit tacky, and they don't really express our appreciation for the men in our lives. They may send the wrong message, to boot.


And while some men will tell you they really only want a steak and...other things...the truth is they probably would like to receive something nice, too.


Fortunately, there's a new romantic Valentine's gift made especially for men—ManSalt.


ManSalt is romantic in all the right ways, and it's something your man will actually use. Read on to learn why this gift is going to save Valentine's Day this year.


What is ManSalt?

ManSalt is a relaxing, refreshing blend of 100% natural Dead Sea Salt and Pacific Sea Salt blended with vitamins, minerals, and awesome man-friendly scents. Men pour it into a hot bath to soak away the fatigue, muscle pain, and strain of the day.


ManSalt also helps men reduce stress and get a better night's sleep. It's a great gift for the workaholic who is pushing for that promotion, the body builder who never quits, and any other guy who works hard and needs a break.


What makes Man Salt such a fantastic gift?

First, this gift encourages your man to take care of himself. He may have been really focused on taking care of you—many of the best men are giving people who are very concerned about the ladies in their life. Your man may also be super-driven, the kind of fellow who just doesn't stop too often.


Second, ManSalt comes in multiple varieties, which really allows you to customize and personalize your gift for him. There is nothing more romantic than showing your man you know exactly who he is. You can choose between the Hero, the Boss, the Athlete, and the Caveman. There's also the Original variety if you haven't been dating long enough to be sure what scent appeals to him (or if you know he'll simply love the clean, invigorating scent of an uncomplicated but powerful soak).


You don't have to go by his personality, by the way. Maybe he's both a boss and a hero. That's fine. You can also read the descriptions of the various scents on the ManSalt website. Pick a smell that you think he might like based on other preferences he's expressed. Smell is pretty personal, but if he's an outdoor type who has already told you that he loves the fresh smell of pine trees in the dawn, then it's probably safe to pick up a bag of "The Caveman" for him.


Third, you might just be able to entice your man into a nice, scented, shared Valentine's Day bath that's sure to lead to a wonderful evening. Sure, you'll come out of that bath smelling a bit manly too, but you can think of it as the bath-time equivalent of wearing a boyfriend shirt. If all goes well, he probably won't mind that you smell like a scent he likes anyway. As a bonus, offering to get in the bath with him might be the key to getting him to try it out. Some guys are reluctant about bath products simply because they're used to everything being all about the kinds of scents the ladies like. Help a bath-skittish man by getting naked and wet with him. He won't object.


Do men really like ManSalt?

Yes! Check out Man Salt's rave reviews on You'll read stories of ManSalt users who used this masculine muscle soak to recover from injuries, recharge after workouts, and ease aches and pains. At least one reviewer said her husband used up his bag in just one week.


This isn't just a gimmick product or something that your man will put on his shelf. It's something your significant other will really like and use.


The price is right, too.

There's a place for expensive gifts, but not if you've only been dating him for a few weeks or months. If you Google "top ten Valentine's gifts for men" or something similar you will generally get a long list of very expensive watches and electronics. The "Ask Men" list, for example, leads off with a $95 watch.


Those things are cool, but they might just break the bank, especially since Christmas wasn't really that long ago.


Meanwhile, you can score a 2-pound bag of ManSalt for less than $20.00.


So, what are you waiting for?

This year, make Valentine's Day the best one he's ever had. Make him feel just as special as he makes you feel. Order a bag of ManSalt today. Wrap it up nice, and be ready to deliver a great surprise.