After championing the "real men take baths" cause for a few months, our team at Man Salt started to get questions. Lots of questions.

But not necessarily from the guys we were trying to help. A lot of them came from the women in our lives, and in our customer's lives--women who had some real curiosity about men's bathroom routines.

Or exasperation. It was tough to tell sometimes.

Anyway, over time we've developed a list of recurring themes which come up again and again. Ladies, this post is for you!

Why do men leave the toilet seat up?

We just don't see what the big deal is and we don't really think about it. We put it up in the first place because it makes aiming easier. We have to adjust it when we go into the bathroom, and we just figure you ladies will do the same.

In fact, we sometimes wonder why you can't just put it back up for us. Honestly, ladies, we love you, but why can't you look and adjust before you sit? We're hardly talking about operating a desperately difficult piece of equipment here.

And believe it or not, leaving it up might actually be the correct way to do it if the men outnumber the ladies in the house. Science has backed us up on this. Click here to see the charts and formulas on where the seat should be when it's not in use.

What's the deal with the one minute shower?

Spending less time in the shower means getting more time to sleep in. 

Seriously, though, how long does it really take to get clean? Besides, taking shorter showers helps conserve water. 

Obviously if we're covered head-to-toe in grease and grime then taking a shower is going to take a lot longer while we scrub. But if all we're scrubbing is the sleep from our eyes, then a quick lather will get the job done.

In fact, there are those of us who have boiled the 1-minute shower down to an art form. Give it a try, you might just like it! 

Why do guys with short hair even bother with hair products?

C'mon, ladies. Do all women with short hair have exactly the same style? Don't some of you ladies who rock a pixie use some styling gel to get everything into place? Don't different short hairstyles make different statements?

We use them for the same reason you use yours: we like the results. It's completely silly to think men don't care about our appearance. The idea that all we want to do is make a shampoo mohawk and then get out is simply stereotypical.

If aftershave hurts, why do you use it?

Because it helps prevent nicks and cuts from getting infected, and that's kind of important. It also prevents skin irritation. It can even act as a version of anti-aging cream. 

Some of us break into a rash after shaving if we don't use it, so that momentary sting is kind of important. We feel refreshed and awake after we've applied it. It actually doesn't even hurt or burn if we've managed our technique just right, so there's that, too. 

Why do men feel so awkward about taking baths?

Obviously, this is a question that's pretty near and dear to our hearts. And there are a couple of reasons, reasons we've been working hard to combat.

First, baths have been marketed as a "woman thing" for a really long time. Think about it...when you see a commercial or a movie, who is likely to be up to her neck in bubbles? A woman.

Second, until Man Salt burst onto the scene, there weren't very many bath products for us to enjoy. No offense, but smelling like chamomile, roses, and vanilla is kind of your thing. We want to smell like men when we come out of the tub.

Finally, some guys are just a little too tall for most standard tubs. This can be handled with a good bathroom remodel, or some sort of tub size revolution. You can help us with this, because we know you ladies wouldn't mind a little more room in the tub as well, especially those of you who are also quite tall. 

At any rate, this trend is turning around as celebrities like Tim Ferris start to share their love for Epsom salt baths in particular. New bathroom designs are taking the needs of guys into account. And slowly but surely, there is a change in the idea that guys can't love baths too. 

But be patient. We all have to struggle with societal expectations and stereotypes, just as you do. In the meantime, you can help. Get some Man Salt for the men in your life so they can experience the pleasure of a hot salt soak for themselves. You can even get them a Man Sampler so they can find the Man Salt variety that's right for them. You might just become a pioneer yourself, a diplomat who helps bridge the gap and end the battle of the sexes for good.

Or, your guy just might smell better, feel better, and be in a better mood. But that's good stuff too, right?