The CDC calls sleep deprivation a public health problem. It is one that affects up to 40 million men every single year. But...this probably isn't news to you. You probably already know you could use a bit more sleep.

As it happens, ManSalt bath salt cans help with that. 

It can help in two distinct ways. First, it can help you combat insomnia so you've got a chance at getting to sleep in the first place. Second, it can help you enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

Why are bath salts so helpful?

Soaking in a steaming tub full of high-quality bath salts helps in a variety of ways. First, it just gives you a ritual--a way to tell your brain it should be getting ready to hit the sack.

Second, it relaxes your muscles. We call it a "Muscle Soak". There's nothing "mumbo-jumbo" about noting the mind-body connection here: if your sore, tired muscles are more relaxed your mind will also relax easier. If you've ever let financial worries or work concerns keep you up at night then you understand why this is so important.

Besides, a salty soak in a ManSalt bath gives you a chance to "unplug", get some privacy, and meditate in a no-pressure environment. ManSalt helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed, and that's enough to help anyone sleep better.

When is the best time to do a muscle soak before bed?

You should soak for at least 30 minutes an hour prior to sleep. For best results, get everything else shut down and out of the way before you get into the tub. Turn off your computer. Shut down your e-mail alerts. Plug in your phone--preferably in a different room than the one you'll be sleeping in. Don't tempt yourself to scroll through Facebook at one o'clock in the morning. If there's an emergency, whoever it is should be smart enough to call you, not text you, if they really need to reach you in the dead of night.

Lock up the house. Brush your teeth. Ideally you should be ready to slide into your bed once the bath is done. You might even have your PJs or boxers or whatever you sleep in sitting on the end of your bed (unless, of course, you sleep in the nude).

If you do this stuff at roughly the same time every day (see below) then you're more likely to become a successful sleeper in the long run. You're training your brain, providing it with strong signals that say: "It's time to"

Eventually, this will actually help you feel sleepy when you go to bed. You'll be in the right mindset to rest, instead of obsessing over a fight with your lady or worrying about your bills. (Could be an opportunity to talk about creating a habit or habit loop. Great book on the subject is "The power of habit". Might be worth looking at for a separate post?)

Think sleep is for the weak? Think again.

Our society likes to paint sleep as this weakling's indulgence. We glorify people who abuse their bodies instead of reminding them of one critical fact: failing to sleep enough will make you weak, sick, and fat.

Aetna Men's Health lists sleep as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Top athletes will tell you they take sleep every bit as seriously as they do diet and exercise. 

Studies also show that driving tired is worse than driving drunk. Think of it this way...if you don't make sleep a priority you could end up killing someone else while behind the wheel.

Don't be that guy.

Bath salts aren't all there is to it.

A much as we'd like to tell you that ManSalt will solve all of your sleeping problems, there's more to it than that. You've got to practice good sleep hygiene, too.

Here are a few tips.

Avoid caffeine after noon. Caffeine stays in your body for up to 12 hours. Guzzling a cup of coffee at 4 PM or indulging in a Coke with your evening meal could mean wide-awake hours that bath salts can't fix.

Get the right amount of sleep. For most of us, that's 8 hours. If you take less than necessary you'll slow your metabolism, dull your brain, and you'll get irritable too. But if you take more sleep than you need you could increase your risks of depression, diabetes, and a host of other unpleasant ailments.

Go to sleep and get up at the same time. Do this on the weekends, too. Our brains can't really distinguish between weekday time and weekend time. It sucks, but if you try to stay up late and oversleep on weekends you'll end up throwing your entire sleep schedule out of whack. That means you'll have trouble during your work week, when sleep is especially important.

Here are a couple of additional tips from Men's Health Magazine.

Bath salts and sleep--the keys to a better you!

Getting enough sleep can change your life. Having trouble losing weight? Try fixing your sleep habits. Up for a big promotion? You'll want to be as sharp as you can be, which means...sleeping! Want to be more attractive? Sleep again.

Why not give it a try? Set your schedule, figure out your routine, and order some ManSalt so you don't have to smell like a girl while taking care of yourself.