Here at ManSalt we worked hard to develop a formula that helps you smell both masculine and fantastic. But why not just go with no-scent salt? After all, should a man really smell like anything? Anything at all?



Yes, dude. You want to smell like something. When we say "Man Salt helps you smell fantastic" we mean, in particular, to "people you want to take home with you tonight."

We actually tested our scents by having women smell them (and guys, too). If the ladies came back to the same scent again and again while getting a particularly goofy smile on their face, we knew we had a winner.



Your smell matters more than your looks do


You could be handsome, well-dressed, well-groomed, and richer than Bill Gates, only to get passed over for that guy across the room who smells fantastic. Women are drawn to scent.

How drawn are they, you ask? Real Men Style has the answer:




"Smell—or a man's scent—has been proven through experiments to be the #1 factor for women when it comes to selecting a potential partner.

What causes instant attraction between a man and a woman? According to a group of researchers in Europe—a man sees, but a woman smells."


So, no, you don't want to smell girly—that's a turn-off for heterosexual women—but you do want to smell like something. That "something" should be both appealing and powerful. (Note: we said powerful, dude, not overpowering. Back away from the cologne.)


Want more proof? Here's a pretty demonstrative quote from Psychology Today:


Everyone knows what it's like to be powerfully affected by a partner's smell—witness men who bury their noses in their wife's hair and women who can't stop sniffing their boyfriend's t-shirts. And couples have long testified to the way scent-based chemistry affects their relationships. One of the most common things women tell marriage counselors is: "I can't stand his smell." 

If all of this isn't proof enough that reaching for that cheap-ass milk carton of Epsom Salt on the lower shelves at the drug store isn't going to help you step up your game, nothing is. Bathe in that stuff and you'll just smell like brine. And maybe a bit like cardboard.

Women don't want to hook up with the briny cardboard man. 


If your gate swings the other way, all of this advice still applies


Maybe you don't care about attracting women. That's cool, too. Science still shows us you want to smell amazing. National Geographic says gay men react to smell the same way women do. 

Smell good, find some lovin'. Supported by the research, no matter who you're hoping to get the lovin' from.

So, how do you pick the right scent?

There's good news—you don't have to be a rocket scientist to pick the scents that will do the best job of complementing your natural body chemistry. That's good, because the goal actually is to complement your own, natural, badass man smell. We're not trying to Febreeze over it.

Fortunately, your own preferences are a pretty good indicator of the scent or scents that are going to be right for you. If you love the way one of our ManSalt varieties smells (or, more importantly, someone you'd like to get down with does) then there's a good chance it already does a good job of mingling with your natural pheromones. Our bodies are really smart that way.

Of course, maybe you're trying ManSalt for the first time. And you're ordering over the Internet, which means you don't have a way to stick your nose in a bag and see what you think. Hey, no problem. Your brain's pretty good at selecting the right scent for you, too, and if a scent sounds appealing or seems to match other scents you might like then there is, again, a good chance that you're making the right choice.


A scent for every Avenger


We are going to make life easier on you by showing you which member of the Avengers would pick which scent. Why? Because we're awesome that way, that's why...and because you already probably know which of the Avengers you are most like.


The Original — Guys and gals who have tried it describe the scent of our original ManSalt as "invigorating." They've also said it smells like adrenaline.


That's right. Like pure. Damn. Adrenaline. 

This stuff is clearly for a guy who wants to get out there and get some crap done today. For an agile fellow who never seems to run out of energy or drive. Hawkeye would go for the Original in a heartbeat.


The Caveman — Guys who like the great outdoors will enjoy the Caveman's natural scents of citrus and pine. But the Caveman offers a hint of something extra. What's that? The smell of authority. Poise. Natural leadership. And hey, some people don't mind being dragged back to the cave...


Bruce Banner would wear this scent. He may not be the team leader, but even when he isn't Hulking out he's got a powerful, quiet presence. 

And when he is Hulking out, well, he definitely has a primitive vibe going for him.



The Athlete — A brisk, edgy, and futuristic scent that makes you feel ready to take on the world and hop up the stairs two at a time. Some guys even say it smells a bit like money—actual money, as in the greenbacks professional athletes are rolling in. But this scent doesn't make a big deal out of how strong you are. It just communicates it. Effortlessly.


This clean, energetic scent has Thor written all over it—a super-strong prince from an advanced alien society who nevertheless minds his manners.


The Boss — A leathery, musky, manly scent that evokes success and power all mingled up with the good things in life. This scent is the bagged-up version of the sultry, slow smile you give a woman when you spot her across the room. When you're ready to draw her into a web of seduction. 


Clearly, this is the scent that Tony Stark would love. 


The Hero — A clean, simple scent that says you're out to do some real good in the world but take the time to enjoy simple pleasures, too. Like a fresh cotton t-shirt worn on a sunny day. It's a scent that tells women you're tough, but sweet. 


Obviously, this is Captain America's scent.

Hey, wait. What would the Black Widow soak in? Whatever the hell she thinks would get her the information she's after, of course.

But there you have it—a rundown of what you ought to consider soaking in after you're in pain from doing the hard work of saving the city. Or your company, or the garbage disposal, or whatever else you've saved today. And once you're no longer in pain? You'll have the stamina you need to enjoy your level-up in sex appeal.