Choose Your ManSalt

  • Fearless & Brave

    The Hero

    Behind every good man stands a woman with Man Salt.

    He-Ro finally went home around 6 a.m. He had spent the night doing hero work—dodging bullets, performing rescue missions, and counseling wayward teens. Exhaustion settled in as he crossed the thre

  • Dynamic & Bold

    The Boss

    Necessity. The mother of invention.

    The boss had a dirty little secret--make that a big clean secret. One he had hidden for decades. One he could never admit to his associates or friends. Yes, he felt that ashamed.

    A leisur

  • Ripped & Fierce

    The Athlete

    Pushing boundaries: Yes, baths are for manly men.

    Man, it was a rough game. Celebrated defensive end K.K. Squat gave it his all—he always did--being pinned against two monsters at a time. But fighting 600 pounds of flesh for an entire game sure too

  • Authentic & Fun

    The Original

    In the beginning, there was heaven on earth.

    It was another glorious day in paradise. Eve leisurely strolled around Eden, a little bored because she had no neighbors to gossip with. Adam, as usual, was not in the mood for a chit-chat, yet again soaking in one of h

  • Wild & Primal

    The Caveman

    First there was fire…then there was Man Salt.

    It was a discovery of epic proportions. Man sat at the entrance of Cave 7 and looked out into yet another dreary Saturday afternoon. Rainwater pooled in large puddles at the entrance of #7, reminding him that his scent was beco

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    Man Sampler

    Freedom of Decision.

    The intrepid adventurer charged through the jungle, an ancient map clutched in his left hand. His right hand held his trusty machete, which flashed in the late afternoon sun as he hacked kudzu out of his path. He'd already dodged angry tribesmen, an unscrupul