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About The Boss

Necessity. The mother of invention.

The boss had a dirty little secret--make that a big clean secret. One he had hidden for decades. One he could never admit to his associates or friends. Yes, he felt that ashamed.

A leisurely bath was a nightly ritual for the boss. That in itself wouldn’t be so scandalous, but he found that not

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  • What Does It Do?

    Just because you’re a boss, doesn’t mean you have to be bossy all the time. Just calm down a bit, relax, and put on your Mr. Laid-Back hat for a while. A Man Salt soak is just what the doctor ordered to help you mellow out and wash the stress of the day down the drain.

  • How Does It Smell?

    Man Salt smells like a boss, of course. Sniff hard enough and you’ll catch a whiff of money and success, power and that new car smell. Does that excite you? Thought so.

  • Survey Says...

    “Kind of leathery, musky. Very manly.”
    “Ah, the smell of success. Makes me feel like shopping, spending money.”
    “This reminds me of the smell inside an Abercrombie store. Very nice.”

  • What's In It?

    ManSalt contains an MSF-engineered proprietary blend of Epsom, dendritic and sea salts combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and natural fragrance oils.

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