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About Man Sampler

Freedom of Decision.

The intrepid adventurer charged through the jungle, an ancient map clutched in his left hand. His right hand held his trusty machete, which flashed in the late afternoon sun as he hacked kudzu out of his path. He'd already dodged angry tribesmen, an unscrupulous former expedition partner who'd tried to kill him, and snakes. Why did it always have to be snakes? Now, his muscle

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  • What Does It Do?

    ManSampler gives you 4 1-pound packs of scents, plus a 5th pack that we throw in for free. Get one of each of our scents for every mood. Keep them all to yourself or give as a gift to other manly men in your life!

    Take a soak and...aaaahh.

  • How Does It Smell?

    However you want, bro, since you have the power to pick any of our five signature scents. However, we can guarantee that every bag of salty goodness will smell amazing.

  • Survey Says...

    "I couldn't decide which scent would be right for me so this was just what I needed."
    "I liked having lots of choices. A different salt soak for every mood I get into!"

  • What's In It?

    ManSalt contains an MSF-engineered proprietary blend of Epsom, dendritic and sea salts combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and natural fragrance oils.

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