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In the beginning, there was heaven on earth.

It was another glorious day in paradise. Eve leisurely strolled around Eden, a little bored because she had no neighbors to gossip with. Adam, as usual, was not in the mood for a chit-chat, yet again soaking in one of his salty man baths that seemed to bring him so much pleasure.

As Eve sat in the sh

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  • What Does It Do?

    Your bag of Man Salt is as versatile in its applications as you are. Need to relax? Check. Stiff muscles? Check. Skin softener? Check. Cleanser? Check. Body deodorizer? Check. De-toxer? Check. Oh, for heaven’s sake, just grab a bag already and give it a soak!

  • How Does It Smell?

    Richly scented with lavender fragrance, delicately infused with rose petal and peach scent…just kidding—it’s M.A.N. Salt! Therefore it smells, well, manly.

  • Survey Says...

    “Smells invigorating – makes me want to go out on the town!”
    “Smells like adrenaline, ready to tackle the day.”
    “This has a pleasant sanitary scent; fresh from the shower.”

  • What's In It?

    ManSalt contains an MSF-engineered proprietary blend of Epsom, dendritic and sea salts combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and natural fragrance oils.

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Bulk Soak


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