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Designed by men, for men—say goodbye to floral scents

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All-natural formula won't irritate your skin...or anything else you'd like to protect.

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There is no glitter in bath bombs—so they're safe to use around your significant other

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Bath bombs are compact, so they're a great way to carry your ManSalt when you're taking business trips or going on vacation.

How do you use bath bombs?

Bath bombs are pretty darn simple to use. You just unwrap them and throw them in the bath water. They'll fizz and dissolve, suffusing the water with salt and scented oils. After that, you're free to just slide right into the water and soak as long as you like.

Your bath bomb will change the color of the water, but don't worry. That's totally normal—and fun!

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What's in them?

Again, this depends largely upon the bath bomb you buy—but we can tell you what you'll find in ours.

ManSalt bath bombs consist of sodium bicarbonate (which gives them their fizzing action), citric acid, and natural oils (these are great for your skin). Finally, our bath bombs contain genuine ManSalt, which in turn is made of sea salts and natural scented oils. All this goes to say that these bath bombs are ready to deliver an explosion of masculine scents and well-earned, muscle-relaxing action designed to please hardworking men everywhere.


  • Man Salt

    Compact, easy, and fun!

    "I love the smell, the satisfying hiss-pop as they hit the water, and the way I feel when I soak in this awesome formula."

    Justin C.
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    Date Published: April 28, 2016
  • Man Salt

    Bath bombs are the bomb
    Especially when they come from ManSalt.

    "My wife gave me some of these bad boys for our anniversary. They help me feel better after a long day at a very physical job...and they are a lot of fun to use, too."

    Constantine W.
    Image that shows Bath Bombs
    Date Published: April 28, 2016
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Are bath bombs expensive?

    • July 11, 2016

      Published by Mansalt Bath Bombs: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

      It can be tough to get a gift for your Dad if you're not a big spender. Let's face it, Dads often like expensive electronics and other gear that may put a dent in your wallet. Up until now there were very few low-cost options for those of us who might be pretty broke. Who wants to be the douche showing up with ties and socks again?

      Fortunately, Man Salt has crafted a solution. Now you can give your dad some bad ass bath bombs. They fizz, they pop, and they make him smell his manly best. They're also jam packed with healing Epsom salts, so they'll help him soak away the aches, pains, and stress of all of his hard work. Best of all, you can choose the "Hero" or "Boss" varieties to give your Dad a cool compliment about his personality!

      Once, bath bombs were made mostly for ladies, so this wasn't an option. But times have changed! Help to show your dad that baths are for dudes, too.

    • May 10, 2016

      Published by Mansalt Bath bombs are getting big--real big. You can find them all over the place: online, in bath and body stores, and in drug stores.

      What are they? They're big balls of salty, fizzy goodness. You toss them into your bath water and watch them explode, pop, and fizz. Then you slide into that hot water, soaking away muscle aches and pains.

      They're even easy and compact to carry with you while you travel.

      And--good news. Bath bombs for men? They're a thing. If you go to the right companies and the right websites you can find them in masculine scents and colors. No flowers. No vanilla. No pink. Just lots of healing Epsom and sea salt to help you recover from a long, hard day or a grueling workout. Bath bombs and beer--a great way to end the day. Give them a try.

  • April 28, 2016

    Published by Mansalt Hey, we can't speak for those other bath bomb makers. We can tell you our bath bombs are priced for affordability. We want you to relax—and you can't do that if getting your hands on our bath bombs means beating the crap out of your wallet.